Temperate Forest

By: Cole Krauter & Colin Wei

About the Temperate Forest

The temperate rainforest is found both in the northern and the southern hemisphere. It is only in temperate regions and mainly has tall and large trees as one of the key characteristics. It mainly is home to deciduous trees. The temperate forest is home to many types on animals and insects. These animals had to adapt to thrive in the temperate rainforest like they do.


It is located in Mainly in China, Japan, Spain, South Africa, Himalayas. The average temperature 50˚F and summer get up to 70˚F. Winter can get as low as below freezing. The average rainfall is 30 to 60 inches. In the winter instead of rain snow falls. In the fall the leaves change and fall off.

Interdependency Between Organism

The Interdependency between organisms is when plants and animals benefit each other. For example trees in a temperate forest provide homes for animals such as the macaw and owls. Another example is when an animal spreads seeds of plants to help the growth and spreading of plants.
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Food Web Changes

When the new species was put in it started eating things that the cougar would normally eat. This created competition between the tiger and the cougar. Both species would loose population and disrupt the whole food web because the animals they feed on are also going to loose in number which will make other species grow and other disappear. When a species was taken out like the owl other animals like the red tree vole's population would increase because there would be nothing to eat them. Then the food would start to go down and then multiple species would be effected. This would go around the whole food web and effect almost every animal.