"Se", you need it!

By: Hansvi Patel

Description (Buy it know, it's for sale!) :

Kids, this product is 100% guaranteed to make you stand out in a way that will make you feel fantastic and brave. Unlike all the other brands at the store, you can discern SE from the rest. It has colorful lights and multiple uses. It is a 3-in-1 purpose item that was invented just for you. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus are so jealous that they say, "Why don't they make something like this, but for people that won't actually break it when they get it." There's a secret to that.

Explanation (The Truth):

It has lights that can switch colors, and if you don't believe us then try it out for yourself. Close your windows and blow out the candles then wait for the fun to begin. 3 purposes, 1 item. The purposes using three words: entertainment, storage, and creativity. Entertainment because you can play with it, storage since you can keep things inside it and creativity by how you express yourself or use the product.

The Story of how it came to be:

Kids. What is something that you won't break but will like? How about neon color lights, an item that has different uses and is not made- up of plastic. All the things that you need put together in ONE, SINGLE PRODUCT. To make sure it worked, they gave out FREE, and I mean FREE samples to 100 people and to see if it got any scratches on it for the first 3 weeks they used it. Believe it or not, it didn't. It's made out of a material so STRONG and bendable, that no matter how hard you try to break it, this product won't break. It was made just for you and it took a lot of thought into it to make it PERFECT!


This product is one-of-a-kind. It is smaller than a textbook (an example would be the picture to the right) and fits around it so if you have nothing to do, you can start creating away. Just beware if the teacher starts yelling at you then you better put it away. Don't go blaming it on the product. What did it ever do to you?