The Yellow Wallpaper

Plot and Conflict


This story takes place in a vacation home the main character and her husband have rented out while their own home goes under renovations. We start with her describing the home, everything she says its positive, the home is large, beautiful, its meets all her anesthetic needs.. except for the upstairs room that she is bound to.

The main protagonist is a woman who was diagnosed with ''nervous depression'' by her husband whom is a seasoned doctor and other physicians she's paid visit to. Her husband advised rest, and restricted any strenuous activities as to not to 'strain herself'. Which included her favorite activity that brought her peace, writing. This frustrated the woman, and we hear about this in a journal she jots down her thoughts into and actively hides from her husband and his sister. Throughout the story she expresses her disdain with her husbands belittling of her condition, and dealing with the fact that she is bound to a the highest room in the second story section of the home, which was used as a nursery. Only the yellow wallpaper remains, and as time goes on and she is stuck in this room, separated from society and only exposed to this wallpaper and her husbands denial of her health issues. Her mind dwindles, the wallpaper at first was an eye sore but after so long of only exposure to it, she finds herself imagining a woman creeping along the walls, stuck in the wallpaper such as she, and therefore relates to this embodiment she has created.

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Ultimately the conflict is with the protagonist and his poor care with her condition, the oppression she receives drives her mad, and then ends up with her having conflict with her sense of reality and struggling with her powerlessness and inability to break away from the situation she is in. She is trapped, much like the woman in the wallpaper.
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