Rocky Mountain National Park

By: Lauren and Shae B.

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain National Park

Hello, and welcome to the Rocky Mountain National Park! This national park is one of the many national parks in Colorado. Today we will be taking you through the Rocky Mountain National Park. Buckle your seatbelts and step into our van. Our first stop is.... Bear Lake!

Main Attractions at the Rocky Mountain National Park

We have arrived at Bear Lake, it's so beautiful! The Rocky Mountain National Park has tons of attractions. Now, we will show you a few of them today. Along with each picture we will add a short description about that picture. Be prepared, it's going to be a long day.
There are many more exciting attractions here in the Rocky Mountain National Park, but there are too many to put down on paper. Now for our next stop, visiting the flora and fauna of the Rockies.

Rocky Mountain, Fauna (Animals)

In the Rocky Mountain National Park there are lots of animals. Some of the animals are elk, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, bobcats, black bears, mule deer, moose, and many more.
In the Rocky Mountains there are lots of elk. They are very beautiful, but the way they communicate is very interesting. It kind of sounds like a train whistle, it's called bugling. In the next video we are going to show you how elk talk.
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Bull Elk Sounds: Bugles, Barks, Grunts and More

Why do Elk Bugle?

Elk bugle because they want to attract females by their sounds. They are calling for the females and trying to impress them. An elk can get more than 20 females at a time in a herd! If another male elk wants females, it would either have to try on its own, or be brave enough to try to steal the females from another herd. If an elk is brave enough to do that, the two males would fight by pushing their antlers against each other. They don't do it very often, although it's a real treat to watch it in action.

Rocky Mountain, Flora (Plants)

On the hillsides of the Rocky Mountains there are quite a bit of plants. Some of them are, lichens, wildflowers, mushrooms, and other trees and shrubs. Get ready for a nature walk, you won't believe your eyes.

Establishing the National Park

The Rocky Mountain National Park was founded many years age by our 28th president Woodrow Wilson on January 26th, 1915. "On that day was the day Woodrow Wilson signed The Rocky Mountain National Park Act.'
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Fun Facts

"In the Rocky Mountain National Park there are 60 types of mammals, 280 types of birds, 900 different types of plants, 150 lakes, 260 miles of horse trails, 476 miles of streams and creeks, 35 trailheads, 585 drive-in campsites, 5 visitor centers, and more!"

Contact Information

If you want to contact and get information about the park, all you have to do is call the number below. It's so easy, why don't you just call now? BOOM you have a vacation planned! (970)-586-1206

Fees and Passes

Now you really want to go visit this park now, don't you? Well, here's your key. "If you want to travel by automobile, you'll have to pay $20. If you pay $40, you get unlimited entry for one year!" Every purchase to enter the national park, includes a map and a news flyer.
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Have Fun on Your Next Visit to the Park!

Now that you have all this information, you probably should go to the Rocky Mountain National Park! It's amazing, and once you get inside the park boundaries your in a whole new world! Have a great time on your Rocky Mountain National Park visit!

About the Writers

Lauren Brady likes to read and write, and she plays the violin, and trumpet. She has two guinea pigs, a bunny, two birds, two dogs, and lots of fish. Shae Bernhardt likes read and write, and she plays the drums, the harmonica, the piano, and the ukulele. She also plays golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Thanks for reading, and we hope you will go to this AMAZING national park!