Classical Conversations of Kenmore

Week 22 Wrap Up!

2 weeks and counting!

We have 2 more weeks to go!! Can you believe that the year has flown by this quickly?? We have break next week, then 2 more weeks of class and DONE!! Be sure to check the calendar of events below for dates on Geology trip, Orchestra and End Of Year Celebration!

That crayon/rock project was pretty fun, but it may have been more effective with just 1-2 kids working with mom. HERE is a link to the file that the tutors used! Try it at home!

Sushi night is shaping up to be small, but that's ok. We will set a date for the next one - maybe May 7th? Let me know if that works for everyone. If you want to come tomorrow night, have a quick look at the list and just grab something on your way!!

Keep your eyes open for Practicum info. As soon as I get dates, I'll let everyone know. In case you missed it last year, Practicum is our summer refreshing, encouraging, training event that CC throws for all families every year! Adults are free, and kid camps are around $40/child for ALL 3 DAYS!! Tutors and Directors get our training in the afternoons, and parents can refocus your efforts, hear wonderful speakers expound on some facet of Classical education, and we can all surround ourselves with other families who are farther along this road with we are - meet their kids, ask them questions, confirm our own love for learning, and renew our commitment to the Lord's call to educate our children at home. HERE'S the teaser video.

We need loads of volunteers for Practicum this year because our previous practicum locations have grown to overflowing. We are trying to coordinate 6 locations this year, instead of only 3. The jobs range from "Practicum Hostess" to "set out lunch for kid-camp workers" to "name tag queen". If everyone pitches in for a small job, then no one is overwhelmed with too much work. Ideally each location has helpers from *those* campuses (3-4 campuses all together) and no one will need to volunteer at more than 1 location. I'll keep you posted with full job descriptions when I get them!

For Week 23: (after Easter Break!)

Family Presentation: none, unless someone really wants to go again. We'll just do timeline.

Red: Playground (12:25-1pm)

Orange: Nursery



Blue: Kitchen/Bath

Purple: Fellowship Hall Cleanup

Suggested Kid's Presentation Topic: Favorite Book

(Remember, the topics I list are just idea starters. Kids can always bring or talk about anything they like. The point is to get them comfortable with speaking in front of others - the topic is not important!)

Classical Chat #6

Hold on as we try desperately to do some semblance of school during nice weather!!
Classical Chats #6: How Do I Inspire the Fire?

Community Announcements:

  • We now only need 2 tutors!! Praise the Lord for answering our prayers as we slowly pull together resources for the fall. Please seek the Lord and talk with your husband if you feel any desire to lead our little ones on community day. Talk to our tutors - you'll get lots of support and encouragement!
  • Sushi Party Tomorrow!
  • Easter Break next week!
What is Mock Trial?

Upcoming Events:

  • Mar 19, 6pm, Causey Home: Sushi Party!
  • Mar 25: Good Friday, EASTER BREAK!! (no school!)
  • Mar 29, 9am: Geology Museum Field Trip, RSVP to Liz Pedersen, $5/person
  • Apr 1: Week 23

Week 21 Specific Links: