99 Yards For 99 Lives

Christian Frist

Football game

"A football game?" said Louie. I said "Yeah bro! Its the last game of the season and our school is in the state championship." Louie said "But Chris I am about to be a prestige master in zombies and NOW you want to go to a stupid football game?"

Chris pulls a couple of wrinkled 20s out of his pocket, "Dinners on me and you can invite one of your friends." Louie drops the remote, "What are we waiting for?"

It was the Mavericks ball on the one yard line deep in the Rams territory. There was seven seconds left in the game and the Mavericks were down six points. Coach Taylor, the supremely sweaty head coach of the Mauldin Mavericks, called a timeout. Coach then points at Shawn Wood, "You're in."... of course, he would. Shawn is the second string quarterback and knows exactly what to do. He is also a pure freshman of 5'8 and weighed in at hundred thirty-four pounds. He hasn't played in any games this season. Here he was playing in the last game and the last play for state championship. Shawn had a favorite wide receiver named J.P Johnson. He met J.P at a Clemson football camp when he was fourteen years old. Since then they have been working hard on the sport they both love, but they also have to watch their grades hoping for scholarships. They did everything together and were always prepared. They could read a play before it happened and sweaty Couch Taylor called them his ticket to the Super Bowl. Now though... they had a problem and the ticket boys are out of ideas. Coach told Shawn to do a Hail Mary to J.P. then calls the team over for a group huddle. Shawn calls the play "All right guys lets go Hail Mary. 1,2,3 brake". Everybody had lined up on the line. DOWN SET HIKE! The blitz was coming and Shawn was in the Ram's touchdown zone. He uses all his strength and throws it to J.P on the thirty yard line. The thirty, the twenty, the ten, touchdown..... BANG! Then every thing went black; some kind of freaky 2 sec. power outage. The lights start to come back on, the score board lights up and we are ready to cheer. All of a sudden a loud scream came from the trees on the other side of the stadium, but it wasn't just some ordinary scream. We all froze staring towards the trees. The scream is louder now. Shawn slaps Couch's shoulder and gives him a half grin that doesn't need words to say "We got this." and waving his team on, all the football players run off the field and out of sight behind the trees. All the fans are standing now, nevously watching to see what was going to happen.

I notice some of fans behind us are walking quietly out of the stadium faster than you could say good bye to your family and friends. The trees move in the breeze but it's gone quiet, to quiet. After waiting for about thirteen minutes, people are talking, an upset mom is demanding the coach call for backup and a group of dads are trying to decide on the best plan of action.

Me and my two best friends Louie and Daniel look at each other. We are just as puzzled and confused that not one of football players has returned to the field. All three of us decide that we should leave. So we walk out of the stadium.

Just as Chris is unlocking the door to the car we here the scream again and a few different screams as well..... Louie said " Should we run back and see what is going on?" Daniel said " Yeah let's go check it out." So all three of us ran back across the parking lot. Right as we enter the stadium people are running at us... past us and into the parking lot screaming in terror. I try to stop a kid screaming at him, "What happened?" but he kick my leg and ran off. Common sense says run away... but we had to know. We stopped at the corner of the stadium building and Louie nods to us... then he looked around the corner toward the trees. As we looked down on the field we saw the most weirdest and scariest think i have ever saw in my life chasing the football players. But some one know exactly what those ugly things were.... Louie said "Guys those things you are calling ugly are some crazy zombies!" Well guys what are we doing standing here for lets run to the car! Daniel said "What about the football players?" I said "Look guys I don't feel like dying tonight so lets go NOW!" We turned around any ran out of the stadium toward the car. As we got near the car I pulled the keys out of my pocket and unlocked the car. Y'all of us jumped in to my truck. I put the keys in truck and started it up.

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