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October 2018

Principal News

Fantastic Jefferson Parents,

We have had a rejuvenation of our fall festival with the work of an incredibly invested and hard working PTA. We are always looking for more parent involvement so, if you feel so inclined, please come to one of our meetings. It was fantastic to see so many people and this year, the "Cookie Lady" and "Power Engineers" both donated money to help sponsor the event. Thank you to these businesses for giving back to the community.

The following is the Love and Logic tip for October.

I know a loving mom who does just about everything to make sure her kids are happy every second of the day. If there isn’t the type of food they like in the fridge, she runs to the store to buy it. Whenever the newest electronic device comes out, she makes sure they’re the first to own it. Of course, she refrains from requiring any chores out of them, because she knows they work hard at school. Besides, it upsets them when she asks them to help.

Unfortunately, and unintentionally, Mom is stealing from her children. They end up being two of the most miserable human beings on earth. The kids walk around with scowls on their faces. Because Mom has stolen their self-esteem and gotten them hooked on stuff, nothing seems to bring happiness or contentment. Everything is “stupid” or “boring.”

When we train our kids to believe that getting stuff is the key to happiness, might we be stealing their lifelong joy and sense of fulfillment? It is important that we teach that true contentment comes from earning things rather than being showered with them.

To protect your children from this type of insidious theft, experiment with the following:

• The next time your child wants something, ask, “How do you think you might earn that?”

• Instead of taking on the problem of affording the item, say, “You may have that as soon as you can afford it.”

• Give them some ideas about how they might earn the required cash, and give yourself a pat on the back for not giving in.

• Notice how proud they are when they earn things through good old-fashioned perspiration.

Continue on Jefferson parents. Perseverance is the key to good parenting and I have full faith in your ability to hold your ground! :)

Just a Couple of Calendar Reminders

October 13 - Chipotle Fundraiser for Jefferon. We will be sending home fliers for the Chipotle restaurant at 205 N Milwaukee St. From 4-8 pm, take the flier to them for dinner and Jefferson will get 33% of the proceeds for that time.

October 18 - Our first Character Ed Assembly honoring students who have demonstrated the character traits of Integrity, Honesty, and Self-Discipline.

October 22-26 Red Ribbon Week - A National Celebration of Anti-Drug campaigns. A great time to discuss with your student about issues regarding drugs. The campaign will discuss the Natural High that everyone can enjoy in regards to what they really love to do and who they really love in life without the use of drugs.

October 24 and 25- Parent / Teacher Conferences. Your teacher will be emailing you about signing up for a time to come speak with your students teacher during these days. Schedule will be as follows....

Wednesday 24th

Kindergarten- NO SCHOOL - Conferences 8 am - 8 pm

Grades 1-6 Regular school hours with Conferences 4 pm - 8 pm

Thursday 25th

K-6 grade NO SCHOOL

Conference Times 8 am - 8 pm

Friday 26th


NO Conferences

Winter is Approaching

Just so you can be better prepared, you can check out the districts Emergency procedures with regards to weather and school closures on the following link also sign up for text messaging on the following link...


Winter Temperatures..

The district wide protocol is to watch for the magic number of 20 degrees.

If the temperature is below 20 we will keep the students inside anytime before school or during recess times.

If the temperature is above 20 degrees the students will be outside so please dress them appropriately for the weather. Coats, Hats, Gloves, Boots if necessary.

Before and After School

With winter on its way please remember the drop off and pick up times at Jefferson.....

***** Do not drop off students before 8:15 am and pick them up by 3:30 pm.

After school, Parks and Rec does have a program here at Jefferson, Kid City. You can sign your student up for this after school program that is available until 6 pm. You must complete an application but you can find out more information at the following link: https://parks.cityofboise.org/parks-and-facilities/parks/jefferson-kid-city/

PTA News

Fall Carnival was a big hit. Thank you to all the parents and staff that made this night a huge success for the kids.

Walk/Bike to School Day - October 10. PTA will be sending home information for next Wednesday. We hope to show everyone there are safe routes to school and the kids will be able to meet up with teachers on that morning at certain spots to continue their way to Jefferson. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1N5dMvN5etMNUcO5IQC-Ab0SkcICoWD8w

PTA Meeting - Everyone is invited to join us on October 17th at 3:00 for our next meeting. Come and get involved.

If you are unable to come to any meetings but would like information on what is happening, please email jeffersonfalconspta@gmail.com so you can get on their email list for information and newsletters.

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2018 / 2019 GATE Parent Information Night

Want details on what gifted programs are offered through the Boise School District - attend this information night meeting - Click Here for Details