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Distance Learning 2020

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April 9, 2020

Good Afternoon Woodbury Middle School,

As I write, I am listening to the Governor, and the Commissioner of Education announce that schools will remain closed until May 20th. If you have been following the news, this comes as no big surprise. Woodbury Middle School is prepared to continue our Distance Learning and provide learning opportunities for all of our students.

One reoccurring question about Distance Learning that continues to arise is about grading and assessment. The staff at WMS has researched and discussed many options and feel it is best to maintain a sense of normalcy for our students. Our students are accustomed to receiving grades as a form of feedback and, to a lesser extent, motivation to do well. Teachers have established grading policies for their classes, and our students are familiar with them.

A caveat we've added to our grading policy during these very unusual times includes a "No Harm" exception. We are aware of the different challenges distance learning has had on our students, and we want to be fair to our students as not to let the impact of these unprecedented times influence their academic success.


  • If a student's Trimester 3 grade (during distance learning) is below the average of the first two trimesters (while in school), students will receive a grade equivalent to the average of the first two trimesters. (To receive, students must demonstrate regular engagement and consistent completion of work assigned by their teachers, to the extent possible)

  • If a student's Trimester 3 grade is higher than the average of the first two trimesters, the students receive a higher grade.

  • Also, we ask that you follow PowerSchool for missing assignments; teachers will indicate that assignments are missing before entering a grade for non-completion.

WMS Social Media Challenge: In an attempt to keep students connected with our school community, we have created #WMSCreates2020 for students to follow. We challenge students and our entire community (parents, staff, and siblings) to create something using found objects or just your creativity. Think of music, art, food, writing, fitness, trick shots, technology, etc. Send your entries to ashuhart@ctreg14.org or have students upload to the WMS Family folder under the WMSCreates assignment. We are posting on both Instagram and Twitter under #WMSCreates2020, or you can look to Twitter (@Woodbury_MSLMC) and Instagram (@wms_lmc_2020). Show us what you can do WMS!!

Last Call For Yearbook Orders:

We are working to put together a quality product for our students. If you had already ordered online or before we left school, THANK YOU!! The last day to order yearbooks is Monday, April 13th.

Follow the link and use the school code to order. Don't miss out on this memory!


school code is 5646920.

Please have an enjoyable Holiday Weekend and enjoy your Spring Break!

Stay Well,

Bill Nemec

Suzi Greene