The Lions of Little Rock

Take a risk and read this book.


The setting in this book is back when they still had segragation still. Its definitly still in a school because in the schools they had diffrent water fountains for the african americans and diffrent everything for them. To me i think its very wrong to still have segragation.


The is segragation, there is a girl named Marlee. She has a african american friend. Her and her friend want to end segragation. I think that its a great idea, but very dangerous. But if put there minds to it they will do great and end segragation.


The characteristics for the girls are that they are brave, They never give up and fight for what they believe in. That's why I really like this book because they are true to their word and never give up. So that's why their character trait is brave, because that's what they are.


I predict that they will win their battle and become better friends than they ever were. I predict that because the way they are in the book shows kind of how they will react next. So when I was reading that they were going to fight for what they believe in, I knew that they were going to win and get what they wanted.