Marine Biology

By Justin Howe

Overview of Marine biology

Marine biology is the study of organisms and their environment in the ocean or big bodies of water. It is also the classification of these organisms. People that have this career classify these organisms. They study the food chain and watch how it reacts to changes or something different.

Education needed to suceed

The key to becoming a successful marine biologist starts with a solid background in basic science. This includes Biology, chemistry, and physics. You need a four year biology degree. You also need a biology major and heavy background knowledge. Good classes to take in high school are: precalculus, biology, physics, and chemistry. As far as tech school/college, the classes or degree you need would be a biology major.

Cost of education and living

The university of Long Beach costs $6,542 per year. It would cost $26,168 to get the four year biology major. The grand total for one year of college would cost $20,842. This includes tuition, housing, food, traveling, and clothes. An apartment would cost around $1,000 monthly. You could walk to school as well. It would probably cost $15 a day for food and a few hundred a year for clothing. You may have to apply for loans, financial aid, a part time job, or scholarships. Because I am very fortunate, I probably would not have to apply for loans or financial aid. However, there is a chance of a possible scholarship and a part time job for funds. I think it would be very fun to study aquatic animals and the ocean. On the other hand, I do not think I would do this for my whole life.

Pros and cons


They are surrounded by the worlds best technology when they work.

The top managers and administrators can make over $180,000 a year.

They get to see many cool animals and other things in the water.


Marine biologists have to travel a lot because animals are always moving and the food chain is changing.

Marine biologists are at risk on the water. There may be hurricanes or huge waves. There may also be strange things under the waves.

It can sometimes take a while for a person to get this job. There are not many open spots in this field.


Do you ever find yourself unhappy at work? Have you ever gotten home and cried because of your long and hard job? This can all end! Marine biologists get to spend their days at work out on the water. You can scuba dive and explore all the animals of the ocean. You classify these animals and explore the food chain. Marine biology is the study and classification of the oceans and its creatures. You can make up to $180,000 a year. You can swim with dolphins and relax out on the ocean. For a job, I don't think it gets much better than that. The one thing that is required is a a biology major which takes 4-5 years to achieve. It's a fabulous career where you can explore and be whoever you want to be!