Colony Pennsylvania in new world

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The Pennsylvania was founded by the William Penn and his Quakers. it was under the British charter. This is one of the original 13 colonies established by the British. The.The Pennsylvania name came from the Charles 2 meaning Penn woodland.The Pennsylvania was born due to making a colony of more religious tolerance.

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The Pennsylvania is one of three middle colonies. Pennsylvania was filled with mountains ,coastal plain and plateau areas to lake Erie lowlands. The general geography of Pennsylvania was a mix of new England and southern colonies. it had fertile soil but not suite for large farming lie southern colonies/ it was based on the industries income. so you can get a lot of jobs.the farming done here is for his own or sold in town.the crops grown here re wheat, barley and rye. the climate s mild and suitable for living. the features let the colonies develop on his industries and mining.

colony, religion, colonial government, and trade

Pennsylvania was British colony. it is religious tolerance colony established by the William Penn. The Pennsylvania was not dominated by a specific religion which gave a way to religious freedom for Quakers, Catholics,Lutheran, Jews and others.people were not forced to follow one religion like other states. The colonial government of Pennsylvania was proprietary colony in which group or individual appointed by the British crown has a self governing rights over the colony. The Pennsylvania was filled with abundance of jobs and income opportunities.Including shipbuilders,fishermen,weavers,craftsmen and blacksmiths The Pennsylvania trade was corn, wheat, livestock, iron ore, lumber,textiles,furs, and ships.


The Pennsylvania influenced by the idealism by his founder and his government makes it unique from the other colonies. The key people in developing the Pennsylvania is William

Penn and the Quakers. the William Penn is the one who was the founder of Pennsylvania and asked some land for the Quakers from the king to make religious tolerance place.

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