Ripley's Believe it or Not

Heres why you should go!!!!!!!!!!!

Ripley's Believe it or Not

Wednesday, April 30th, 8:45am-3:30pm

Grand Prairie, TX, United States

Grand Prairie, TX

There is a wax museum full of some educational facts and statues of people. They say some cool things about outrageous things people do. There is a mirrors maze which will really confuse you but still have a lot of fun doing it. The outside looks amazing and does make you wanna go because its like a castle.

Cool Facts

These paintings are only made of blue jeans!!!! British artist Ian Berry detailed portraits from only old pairs of blue jeans!!!! They have to have really good skills with fabric and cutting stuff so they don't mess up. Also a great skill you need to have is being good in math because cutting and placing stuff in the right place takes good geometry and stuff.

Picture of Ripley's

This is what ripley's looks like it is fun to go right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just looking at it looks like a lot of fun. Some things that you can do inside is dip your hands in wax and put different colors its really cool cause in the end its like a sculpture of your hand.


These dinosaurs are made clemplety out of some type of metal actually possibly car numbers now that is an amazing. This is n artist who wants to use the things around him/ her to be creative and not have art like everyone else. I think this is what makes people unique.

Spaghetti Tree!!???!!

The picture above is a tree that grows spaghetti. This was discovered by a news channel in 1957. They thought it would be a really interesting story. They were right think this is actually really cool!!