The Singley Street Journal

April 8th

Upcoming Events

April 12th - Spelling and Reading Quizzes

April 15th - Unit 5 Math Test

April 22nd - Earth Day!

April 23rd - Tatem Fair

May 18th - National Liberty Museum Field Trip! (Field Trip Form to Come)

Queen Arlene's Dilemma!

As part of the new Everyday Math Curriculum, students work on an open response. This week was Queen Arlene's Dilemma! Students had to think about fractions of a whole. Students solved the problem in groups of three and then made a video of their description. Look for their videos on SeeSaw!

Students then watched the videos of other classmates and commented using math sentence starters.

Close Reading

AS a new part of our Reading Workshop, students have been working hard on close reading. Here we read the story with different "glasses" looking for word choice, evidence, and/or story structure. This has really benefited students in grasping a deeper understanding of the story. Ask them about this week's story: Harvesting Hope!

The Southeast

Students have just finished the boat and bus tour of the Southeast! We visited places such as The Everglades, Jamestown, Montgomery, and Memphis! Some of our favorite activities were playing the Survival Game at our Jamestown stop and having a pretend protest for Civil Rights.

Motion and Design

Students have continued to look at motion and design through kinex vehicles. This week, we studied how weight affects our vehicles!