Opening Day DA English Dept Mtg

You will leave this meeting ready to do this!

De Anza Opening Day English Department Meeting

English Department Meeting Agenda

District Opening Day, September 22, 2016


ATC 305 Language Arts Computer Lab

“Don’t cry because summer’s over. Smile, because it happened” –Michele Dubarry

“I believe whole-heartedly that the only way out of domination is love, and the only way into really being able to connect with others, and to know how to be, is to be participating in every aspect of your life as a sacrament of love, and that includes teaching.” – bell hooks

2:00: Sign-in and Welcome, especially to new FT faculty Aimee Suzara and Brian Malone

2:05: Updated English Dept FAQ—thank you, Amy, Lydia, Becky, Laura, Azin, and Roseanne!

2:07-3:00: Update on new statewide Common Assessment project ( “CAI” Common Assessment Initiative, AKA our new statewide English placement test starting in Feb 2017) & Group Review/Discussion of EWRT 1A-Ready Skills alignment map (Jigsaw-style discussion)

3:00-3:25: Discussion of revised English Dept. Chair & Co-Chair/Scheduler Duties

3:25: Announcements

We Teach!