Magic Table

From Table Top Tech. Inc.

You'll be the first!

Getting the magic table will make your piers think of you as spectacular, splendid and above all a superstar! You'll be the first of your friends to get our touch-screen, easily cleaned, glass table! Everyone will want to be your friend!

The Magic Table

This is a new version of technology only seen in movies and wanted in every corner of the Earth. How couldn't you want a sleekly designed glass table that's perfect for creating 3-D presentations for school or work. The Magic Tables is Table Top TECH's greatest accomplishment because it's a place for work and relaxation, it's also easily cleaned so if you decide to work on your latest painting you can clean it off and watch The Hunger Games.

Table Top TECH inc.

Here you will find all contact information if you have any desire -which you should- to buy a Table Top TECH device.