The 3/4's Enthralling Expo

A mix of Class Work, Inquiry, Bilingual Rotations & Projects

You have been invited to attend the first 3/4 Expo of 2013!

Please come and receive a personalized tour from your child.
They will guide you around the 3/4 building to see some of their completed work during this semester in Inquiry, Bilingual Rotations and classroom projects & lessons.

The 3/4's Enthralling Expo:

  • When; June 27th between 11:45 and 12:45
  • Where: Main Building, CJC
  • Sign in with our greeters at the office and your child will be waiting for you in their class.
  • Please RSVP ahead of time in order for us to plan for your visit.

RSVP Slip - please sign and return this slip to your child's teacher before June 24th.

Yes, I am attending the 3/4 Elaborate Expo - ____________________________

No, I am unable to attend the 3/4 Elaborate Expo - ___________________________