Friday's Rewind

September 16, 2016

And the 2016-17 LEEA Award Winner is...

Congratulations Mrs. Kunde! It has been an honor to work with you over the past 5 years. Your dedication to students and can do attitude is greatly appreciated. On top of that, I have appreciated your leadership of our PBIS committee, as well as the active role you have taken on so many other committees that have helped to shape our school into what it is today.

You exemplify all of the qualities and characteristics that this award recognizes:

  • Serve as examples to inspire fellow colleagues, students and their communities through positive leadership and attitude toward the educational field.

  • Thorough knowledge of subject matter and leadership in curriculum development
  • Positive role model for students and staff

  • Exemplary instructor who recognizes students as individuals and motivates them to reach their maximum potential and who shows genuine respect and concern.

  • Seeks to improve personal and instructional effectiveness through continuing education and staff development activities.

Congratulations again Lisa! Thanks for all you do for our students and school!

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2016 Site Goal

We had a great meeting with our Collaborative Inquiry team looking at our 2015-16 MCA data. Overall, the results were very positive! We will be getting more detailed reports to each (3-5) grade level team to utilize in their planning for the 16-17 school year. Since we continue to have a smaller % of our students reaching proficiency targets in reading, the team elected to make that be the focus of our Site PPD goal for the 16-17 school year. Our goal will be the following:

The percentage of all students enrolled October 1 in grades 3-5 at Montrose Elementary School who earn an achievement level of Meets the Standards or Exceeds the Standards in reading on the MCA reading test will increase from 66.5% in 2015 to 69.5% in 2017.

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PLC Dates and Times

If you have not already done so, please remember to share your PLC meeting times with Alex and I for the month of September. You can also get them to Jaime and she can add them to the master calendar as well. We will begin our scheduled dates in October.

Staff GeniusHour

I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to talk with each of you about your plans to enhance student learning experiences in your classroom. For those of you looking to implement a new technology or resource, remember to keep the focus on how you/students can use it in meaningful ways vs. the overall understanding of its functionality. While learning how to utilize a new tool will be a part of the learning that takes place, the meat and potato's of its implementation is in how its use can transform learning and/or allow students to do something that they maybe couldn't have done without before. In addition, please share your plan using #PDtheMESway. If you need help/support with this part of the process, just let me know. You will have the opportunity to share your work with others during our Nov. 11th staff development day.
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District "Ignite Learning" Day - October 19th

Another opportunity was also recently shared with you announcing our District Ignite Learning Day on October 19th. You may elect to build upon your current topic or work on something completely different. Up to you!

An Opportunity for Self-Directed Professional Development

8:00 am - 3:00 pm (one hour lunch on your own)

Collaborate with colleagues to explore one topic of interest in depth. You select your collaborative group! You select the topic of interest! Investigate, read, dialogue, explore, tinker. Learn.

Your collaborative group will explore a topic of interest to promote student growth in one of the following 6 C's of 21st Century Learning: Think Critically, Communicate Clearly, Work Collaboratively, Embrace Culture, Develop Creativity, or Utilize Connectivity.

Start thinking now about the topic you'll choose to explore!

More details to come.

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Continued Professional Development

As I mentioned to everyone during workshop week, Professional Development is something that really needs to be owned by each individual in our building and something that I hold as a very high priority for all of us. I will continue to provide training opportunities, the ability to attend conferences, share articles and resources, and connect you with others who can support your learning. With that said, a lot of growth and learning takes place independently when you seek it yourself. There are many ways to learn and connect through the use of Twitter, growing your PLN, participating in groups/chats, and so much more. Here is a list of books that I have available for staff to read and access. Please feel free to check one or more of these out when it is convenient for you. If there is a book/title that you would like to read that is not on this list, please let me know so I can try to add it to our PD library.

Bus Safety

If you have not yet done so, please schedule your time to take your students out to the bus loop to practice bus evacuation and safety on Tuesday, September 20th. I have attached the link to the sign-up.

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Bloodborne Pathogens - Please Complete

Teaching Staff- It is that time of year for the annual BBP course.

To begin use this link to Moodle, .

On Courseweb:

· Login using username and password that you use for the network and email logins (upper-right hand corner).

· Scroll down to District and click once.

· Click on Blood Borne Pathogens

Once you are in, read the course instructions. Complete the quiz. At the end of the quiz, submit all and the results will show up on the screen.

Don't forget to log-off in the upper-right corner after completing the course! Let me know if you have questions.

If you have difficultly logging in please contact Marie Jacobs at X28212 or She is the keeper of the master roster!