By :Kyle Perry


Italy was one of the founding members of the EU (European Union ) . It joined the EU in 1952 .

Geograph of Italy

Italy is a pennisula in Southern Europe . It is located on the boarders of the Mediterranean Sea .It has Two Islands (Sicilly and Sardinia). It is also the souther part of the Alps.

Tourist Actractions

The capital of Italy is Rome and some major cities are Sicilly ,Sadegna, Venice


The flag was inspired by the French flag which was brought by Napoleon in 1797 . On the flag green means hope and hills ,white means faith and mountains ,and red means charity and independence

History of Italy

Italy was never apart of another country but they have been part of many Empires like the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire .Italy was the center of life in the Roman ,and Byzantine Empires and it was apart of the medival times and the Renaissance

Currency type

They use the Euro since 2002 but they used to use the Lira as there currency


They have a two chamber parliament .They have a president on a seven year term that follows the constitution and he appoints the prime minister

3 interesting Fights

Pizza was a Main food that was comfortable

The Colessum was a building from ancient Rome

61.3 Million people live there