The Road to Perseverance

By: Andres Bastidas

The Man that Never gave up (Problem/Solution)

Making into the majors is every kids dream, but not many make it there. The road to the majors is not an easy task, just ask Maury Wills. Maury was a really good baseball player but he just had one problem...he couldn't hit.

Maury tried out for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950. The Dodgers signed him but sent him down to the minor leagues for development. He would start off in class D, the lowest rung on the baseball ladder, but eventually would go up. Maury practiced hitting for hours every day. An easy solution was to give up but he never did, one day the team manager Bobby Bragan came up to Maury and told him to come out early tomorrow that he wanted to try something out. Bobby told Maury if he had ever considered switch-hitting. Maury would eventually become a switch-hitter, on his first game switch-hitting he hit 2 hits and those hits restored his hope for the Majors. The Dodgers where looking for a shortstop and Bobby told them to take a chance on Maury but the Dodgers ignored him. But a week later the Dodgers called Maury up to the Majors. This strengthened his RESOLVE, but Maury's hitting wasn't good enough. Maury asked the fist base coach, Pete Reiser for help and they would practice every day hours before the team started practice they would practice under any weather till Maury's hands were bleeding and blistered. Maury would be taken out in the 7th inning every game and eventually would considered quitting baseball, but Pete wouldn't let him quit. Pete thought that the biggest obstacle in Maury's hitting was himself. Maury needed to believe in himself more. They would spend 90 minutes working on Maury's mental preparation. Maury would finally find his "groove". He began hitting. His batting average would increased greatly, But he didn't just stop there he would start using his amazing speed.

Maury would do accomplish many things during his career but many people make it to the Majors and do many things but its the story of how Maury Wills showed outstanding perseverance that makes him stand out from the rest. Because of Maury Wills AMBITION he achieved many things in life and it just goes to show how when you put your mind to something you can really achieve great things in life.

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The Dream Team (Description)

The guys in the Carl Hayden high school robotics team were ready to go but right after their last practice there was something wrong with stinky. There was a leak. The team was struggling to PERSEVERE through this adversity but Lorenzo wouldn't give up. He came up with different ideas but the team thought it was stupid but then he came up with an unusual solution. He tough why not use tampons. They adsorb liquid so they could adsorb the water that leaked. Lorenzo idea sounded stupid, it was INADEQUATE but it actually could work. But Lorenzo had another problem. The team decided that because he came up with the idea he should be the one to buy the tampons. Lorenzo went to the store and asked a lady which are the best tampons that he can buy. So she showed him and he went to checkout quickly and got out of there fast. When he got to the hotel someone needed to stay up late to fix stinky so Oscar volunteered showing another example of perseverance. Lorenzo wouldn't let Oscar stay up alone so he joined him. They two guys stayed up all night, drying the leak and re wiring all the wires but they got the job done and fixed stinky for the big competition the next day. Lorenzo and Oscar didn't just showed a great example of perseverance but because of what they did, they played a major impact on the team's win.

Adversities we face in life (compare/contrast)

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The Spark (Cause/Effect)

Nadja played violin since she was young. She wouldn't ask why she played it she just did. But when she went to college everything changed. She couldn't play anymore. She found everything hard, her fingers wouldn't play the violin the same, she was OVERWHELMED. She even stopped playing for 7 months...She gave up.

Nadja was losing hope on herself. She YIELDED for some time giving up on her dream but something sparked inside of her from the moment she signed up for The 1981 Walter W. Naumburg International Violin Competition. She had made the decision on not giving up on her dream. She later came back to being the great violinist she was and even better. Nadja found a spark of light and accomplished her dream.

Chasing the Dream, ADVERSITIES to TRIUMPH (Sequence)

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