"Robots" The New Pets?

Are they better than normal pets?


Have you ever wondered about people that are lonely and have pet allergies. Introducing..... Robot Pets. These robots act like pets , annoy you like pets and you don't have to feed or walk them. In this article you will learn about the similarities and differences of normal pets and pet bots.


The first thing that You will learn is some facts about pets. Pets are like the little brothers and sisters the you always wanted. The bad thing is you will never know when they want to play or go to the bathroom. "With rapid growth of pets in Asia, where having a domestic animal is seen as an example of one's social status, it may not be viable for one to adopt a pet."(Gendron 2015) This quote explains how well you social life can be with a pet compared to a robot pet. A negative to pets is if you get the hyped up they might want to bite or scratch you. Remember pets came from wild animals.

Robot Pets

The next thing you will get informed about is some information on the robot pets. Some thing good about the robot is you can order it in what ever animal you want like a seal, a dog, and even a dinosaur. These pets will act just like you dog or cat. They will want to play with you and you can teach them tricks. "There is even a new version of a robot that has fake fur."(Langston 2012) This mean that if the soft fur on you previous pet you can get this new robot pet with fur.

Pets vs Pet Bots

The final thing you will learn about is the similarities and differences of pets and robot pets. One thing about the robot pets is you don't have to take them on walks or feed them, but regular pets you do. Robot pets might have some glitches and might hurt you, but regular pets will not try to hurt you on purpose.


Now you can have a friend mechanical or not. It will play with you, you can even teach them tricks. Thank you for reading this article and let your imagination soar. You, one day will make an invention that will benefit humanity too.