Exciting News!!!!

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Agent Link has a new enrollment solution for you!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Colonial Life to help enroll your Health insurance and other core benefits. Colonial has agreed to do this free of charge!! The local Premier office led by Jeff Harned and Les Bilodeau from Colonial, are leading this effort. They have an entire team that is certified to enroll and communicate any benefits that you have within your account. Les will be reaching out to you to make sure all of your questions get answered.

Colonial Makes It Rewarding and as Easy as Possible to Do Business with them

Every interaction with your clients counts. So when you let outside partners in to help support your client service strategy, it’s only natural to be nervous.

But you don’t have to be nervous with Colonial. They’re in it for the long term, and take your customer relationships as seriously as you do. They go to work for you, acting as an extension of your team. Their wide array of tools and support services make it easy and rewarding to do business with them. More important, they make it easier for you to deliver an exceptional benefits experience to your clients.

How does colonial fund these helpful services?

For 75 years their focus has been voluntary benefits, and they have considerable experience developing and pricing supplemental insurance products based on industry trends and market needs. Their comprehensive group and individual portfolio, combined with product support tools and offers, give you flexibility to meet each of your clients’ unique needs and can help you be more competitive in the voluntary benefits industry.

Who do I call?

If you have any questions for Les or Jeff, you can call them directly at 502-912-8672. Please take advantage of this great program.
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