Engaging students in learning

with technology

Smart notebook

Smart notebook is a software program that runs on smartboards. This software is used to create activities that are engaging and interactive for students. This software is different from power point presentations because it has interactive activities and lesson pieces found within the tool kit and galleries. It is important to remember when creating a presentation with smartnotebook to take advantage of the features that are interactive and engaging. Do NOT make a glorified worksheet or power point presentation!

Think of your touch screen computer as a small interactive whiteboard!

Fecich original tutorial of smartnotebook (basic)


Step by step tutorial of smartnotebook 11

Check out this tutorial to get those creative juices flowing! The first 30 minutes of the video is most useful. Feel free to click around the video tutorial to think about some really interactive ideas for your lesson!
Teq - Webinar 33: Introduction to SMART Notebook 11