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New Dissmissal Procedure

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Attending school on time and every day is a critical and necessary factor for student success. Showing up for school and being ready to learn has a huge impact on student academic success and their connectedness to school starting in kindergarten and continuing through high school.

Attendance matters, this means students missing no more than 9 days throughout the year. Students are expected to arrive on time and be engaged in learning throughout the academic day.

Attendance matters. Students who maintain the attendance goal are more likely to be on or above grade level academically, be socially and emotionally connected to the school and staff and remain on track to high school graduation.

Ensuring students arrive on time and attend school throughout the day is everyone’s responsibility.

Student Responsibilities

  • Establish bed time and morning routines
  • Understand the importance of and why attendance matters
  • Arrive on time
  • Attend school the entire day
  • Miss less than 9 days of school throughout the year

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Establish bed time and morning routines
  • Ensure your child(ren) arrive to school on time
  • Encourage and acknowledge the importance of attendance
  • Schedule any medical or other appointments after school or on non-school days
  • Report any absences to the school attendance secretary
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New to Fontenelle Staff

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Mrs. Jensen

Dean of Culture

I have been a teacher in the district for 11 years. I have taught 6th grade in Elementary and Middle School. My new position is Dean of Culture. The primary role of the position is working as a bridge between families, the community, and school. I began my teaching career at Fontenelle and I am happy to be back.

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Mr. Simmons

Citizenship Facilitator

Hello! I am Mr. Simmons, the Citizenship Facilitator at Fontenelle Elementary. I am very excited to serve and work with Fontenelle students, families and community members. I have been with Omaha Public Schools since 2013 and also taught 6th grade.


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OPS Face Coverings

Physical Distancing

To limit transitions throughout our schools, several steps will be taken. These include staggering passing periods, no locker use during the day and keeping interior doors open for students, limiting contact with as many surfaces as possible. During arrival and dismissal, only doors designated as enter/exit will be used, hand sanitizer & disposable masks will be located at each door, and there will be a staggered dismissal at the end of the day.

Transportation to and from school will be impacted by loading students back-to-front, alternating which sides of the bus students sit when possible, and then unloading front to back. Cleaning all interior surfaces of the buses will take place between each route and extra masks will be available upon entering and exiting the bus.

While in the classrooms, physical distancing will be maximized by avoiding face-to-face interactions as much as possible. Desks/tables will be aligned to face the front of the class and if tables must be used, only one student may sit at a table at a time when possible. Any equipment that must be shared in a building will be cleaned between each class. Based on capacity and utilization, each building will be responsible for designating how lunches operate given the following guidelines: all students must stop at the restroom on the way to lunch to wash their hands, students should not face one another while eating, face coverings must be worn while not eating, hand sanitizer will be available before entering the lunch line and must be used, and all seating will be six feet apart. To facilitate proper lunch etiquette, Nutrition Services will provide signs that designate proper line distancing as well as provide grab-and-go style meals and tray covers.

During recess, non-contact activities will be encouraged. Students may take their face coverings off while physically active and away from other children but face coverings must be worn immediately before and after recess. After recess, all items used by students will be cleaned and sanitized. There will be no assemblies, field trips, visitors entering the building, outside organization use, etc., until restrictions have been lifted.

Protective Equipment/Cleaning & Disinfection

To maintain safe, clean, and secure spaces, five cloth face coverings will be provided to each staff member and student. Disposable masks, disposable gloves, barrier gowns, spray disinfectant/disinfectant wipes and disposable suits will be available at each school based on job responsibilities and disposable masks as well as spray disinfectant/disinfectant wipes will be available on all buses. Plexiglass barriers will be placed in each school’s main office, speech-language pathology office, and nurse’s office. Touchless thermometers will be used to take the temperature of children not feeling well. In a specific situation where face coverings cannot be worn, face shields will be available for designated staff and students. All school buildings and high-traffic touch points (i.e., handrails, door handles, etc.) will be disinfected multiple times a week.

Symptom Identification and Response

Knowing that early detection is paramount, parents are requested to screen their children daily and are expected to keep their children home if they answer yes to the screening questions that are available through the Douglas County Health Department. Students who present with symptoms will be isolated until a designated adult is able to pick them up from school.

Visitors to Schools

For the health and safety of our school communities, visitors in school will be extremely limited in the 2020-21 school year. Engaging families is critical to student success and family/teacher or family/principal meetings will take place virtually whenever possible. In the occasional event where a virtual meeting is not possible, appointments should be made in advance through the school principal. Social distancing and face coverings will be required. Pick-ups and drop-offs should follow the same drive-through, distanced procedures used in the spring.
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Meal Information

Meals to Go information and link

We are grateful for partners like Food Bank for the Heartland supporting community members facing food insecurity. For a complete list of their upcoming mobile pantries as well as community pantry locations, please click here.

If you want to go fast, go alone....if you want to go far, go together. ~African Proverb