MACS Micro-School

December 13- December 17, 2021

Micro-School Updates

Week 17 is here!

I am excited to share with you some big news. Ms. Catherine Dollyhite will be joining the Mount Airy City Schools Micro-School team as a micro-school facilitator. I will retain my role as director and will continue working with all of our families. Our micro-school has become very popular, growing from 12 students in Kindergarten through 5th grade to now 21! The middle school has also continued to increase, putting our district's new micro-school at over 40 students. This addition to our team will allow us to better serve all students and families. I am excited for Ms. Dollyhite to join our little micro-school family. You can read more about her and the transition, which will happen in January by clicking here to visit our press release.

This week, Ms. Dollyhite will join us for our special place-based learning event. I thought this would be a great opportunity for her to meet everyone.

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Week 17 - Schedule

Monday- December 13, 2021

1) Independent Seesaw Assignments for all

2) 5th Grade Google Meet at 11:30 am

3) Kindergarten Google Meet at 1:00 pm

4) 1st and 2nd Grade Google Meet at 2:00 pm

Tuesday- December 14, 2021

1) Independent Seesaw Assignments for all

2) 4th Grade Google Meet at 9:00 am

3) 3rd Grade Google Meet at 10:00 am

Wednesday- December 15 , 2021

1) Independent Seesaw Assignments for all

Place-based learning today will be held at the Earle Theater on Main Street. Please see the details below for our family time together watching, The Polar Express.

Thursday- December 16, 2021

1) Independent Seesaw Assignments for all

Friday- December 17, 2021

1) Independent Seesaw Assignments for all
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Place-Based Learning This Week

This week's place-based learning will be held at the Earl Theater on Main Street. Families are invited to join us as we watch The Polar Express, starting at 12:30 pm. The movie lasts approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes and is rated G. All students will need to be picked up by 2:30 at the latest. Concessions (candy, popcorn and drinks) will be available for sale, and students may purchase with their own money, but no outside drinks are allowed.

Please remember that safety is always our top priority, therefore street drop-offs will not be allowed. Students being dropped off and picked up will need to have an adult walk up to the theater and sign in and out. Again, no pickups or drop-offs can occur from the street.

You may want to preview what our movie will be about ahead of time, if so, just click here to read all about The Polar Express.

Families, please send me an email, text or Seesaw message to let me know if your child and any parents will be attending this event. I have to turn in our final number by Tuesday.

Seesaw Student Assignments & Family Support

Please support your child's virtual learning by making sure they are working on Seesaw everyday. Even on the days I Google Meet with them, they will still have Seesaw assignments to complete.
  • School attendance for each day is based on 3 factors- they must be engaging in one of these forms of Micro-School: (1) independent Seesaw assignments, (2) working on Google Meet with Ms. Willard, or (3) attending a place- based lesson somewhere in the community with Ms. Willard

What If My Child Gets Logged Out of Seesaw on Their iPad??

Using the log-in with gmail access and use their student email. I will send these to you privately. There are two options for password for all student emails, if one does not work, then try the other one.

Password :


or try


Penny Willard

Director of Innovative Programming- Mount Airy City Schools

I support a variety of areas for our district including: Micro-Schools, Federal Programs, After-School and Summer Programming (21st Century), Academically and Intellectually Gifted (AIG), Beginning Teachers and Mentors, Grant writing and management, Digital Teaching and Learning, School Media, and overall Teaching and Learning K-12.