Most Influential People Poster

Mikayla Beatty

Oprah Winfrey

* Oprah was drawn out of her tough childhood where she lived in poverty and was abused.

* She now has a talk show and has solved many issues concerning african american women rights.

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Elvis Presley

* He was a shy boy who had little musical interest until is teen years. He had no musical training and picked his guitar by ear. He was told be had the style of a negro.

* He was finally given a chance to record and due to his different style he was an instant hit. Now he is known as the King of Rock and Roll.

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* He was beaten if he didn't play his piano right, his mother died at an early age, his father was an alcoholic, he gained custody of his siblings, and he went deaf

* He is one of the most known composers of all time. He broke off the legs of his piano and felt the vibrations to write music.

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