Fab 5th - Weekly Update

September 13, 2019

To Do:

  • Grades due for IPR by midnight on Monday!
  • WIN Plans
  • Power Hour Plan

  • Set up your Seesaw Account

Lunch Reflection - Monday

Here is the tracking sheet for homework. Please record students who will NOT have free sit on Monday.


On Monday, make sure that students with lunch reflection KNOW that they have it. It is the subject teacher's job to let students know prior recess. It is a crazy day without us having to track students down.

Meetings this Week:

September 17: Bridges Math Training - Sarah

September 18: Whole Child - Brandi

September 19: Power Hour

September 20: CogAT Training 9:30 - Fariss Room

ADI Training

Super Saturday is Sept. 28th

ADI Training will be offered for Science teachers than have not been trained.



Writing Snapshot Window - 9/3-9/13. Must be entered by 9/13.

Celebrate Smith Pledge Leaders

Looks like we are the first ones up to lead Celebrate Smith. Here is the schedule. The patriotic song is the Star Spangled Banner.

Sept 20 - Shelton

Sept 27 - Rader

Things to Think about:

  • Cool down spot procedures, expectations

Dates To Keep in Mind:

  • September 16: W.I.N. Time Begins

  • September 17: Flu Shots

  • September 20: CogAT Training - Fariss's room

  • September 20: All DRA Scores must be entered

  • September 20: Principal Awards - Rader

  • September 23: Vision/Hearing Screening

  • September 24: Pine Cove Parent Meeting

  • September 25: SLO/Professional Goals Due

  • September 27: Stampede Kick-off

Planning Schedule

Here's the link to the planning schedule.