Jackson Elementary

Volume 3/Issue 13 November 16, 2015

Cockrell's Corner

Hello, everyone! I hope you had a restful weekend. Case received his Eagle for Boy Scouts last night. It was such an emotional ceremony and I was definitely a proud mama! I know the week before a holiday can be hectic and chaotic. Please make sure you are continuing the same structure and vigilance in your classroom as usual. We begin MAP testing when we return, so we can’t miss a minute of quality instruction time this week. Stay focused and your students will respond to your high expectations! On another note, the response to the district literacy specialists coming to model guided reading has been so positive! I’m glad it has been helpful. If you are interested in having someone come to Jackson to model for you, please let your grade level reading specialist know and she can set something up. Also, I’ve been having some thoughts about after school tutoring. I’m going to put out a survey asking whether you would like to spend Mondays tutoring or participating in a weekly professional book club discussion. We’ll vote and see where we stand. The book study would be something related to academics and teaching. It would require reading a little bit each week to prepare for the Monday discussion in small groups. Think about it and we’ll vote soon. Have a wonderful week of teaching and learning!

Carthledge's Chat

Woohoo!!!! Last week before the Thanksgiving Break! I know you guys probably feel like this is the longest week in the school year.....but just hold tight the end is near. Over the last two weeks I've attended a couple of workshops/trainings. They all have been good but the best one, in my opinion, was the Guided Reading training offered by the district. Lots of good information and an awesome book. The book "The Next Step in Guided Reading" is phenomenal. I was flipping through the book to give you guys a little insight on the book. This books takes you from the very first week of setting up Independent Literacy Activities to digging deep to help struggling readers.

If you can find time during your break, I suggest you open the book and find where you are in your guided reading instruction and use some of the suggestions. Lots of great charts/templates to help you make good use of your time and organize your sessions.

Duty Reminder.....

This Week's Duty.... 11/16

  • Bus/Gym- Stelling
  • Cafetería- Fancher
  • Cafetería- Eckstein
  • Gym- Steinbough

Next Week's Duty.... 11/30(After Thanksgiving Break)
  • Bus/Gym- Pyle
  • Cafetería- Weldon
  • Cafetería- Martin
  • Gym- Shaw

Upcoming Events

  • 11/16 Progress Reports
  • 11/16-11/20 BOOK FAIR
  • 11/17 4th grade Computer Class 3:00-4:00
  • 11/18 5th grade Field Trip to Perot
  • 11/18 Grandparents Lunch
  • 11/18 PLC
  • 11/18 Parenting Class 6:00-7:00pm
  • 11/19 Turkey Show 6:00-7:00pm
  • 11/20 Coffee Talk
  • 11/23-27 Thanksgiving Break

November Birthdays

Jeannette Toledo 11/5

Liz Contreras 11/24

Kaitlin Eckstein Robles 11/28

Reminders to include in your grade level newsletters

  • Remind Parents of the Book Fair
  • Remind parents to help students learn their ID numbers
  • Tardy bell is at 7:45 am
  • If they are planning to change the way their student is going home it needs to be done by 2pm