Dope Information

By: Tristen Carrender


I have 1 sibling his name is Turner. Turner is 11 and is currently in gymnastics. My Mom Cristi is a nurse at center point hospital. My dad Aron owns his own business as a body man. My parents spoil me and my brother like crazy. They are the coolest people I know.

FAM Freinds

I have a lot of friends making friends is easy for me because I'm pretty easy to get along with.

G-G-G-Grades FAM

I'm pretty smart and make Mostly A's and some B's. I played football in the begining of the year and im curently in track.

Other D-O-P-E Information

My hobbies are being with my Family, Hunting, Riding my dirtbike, hanging out with my friends and just being the craziest kid out there.

Career Day

On career day I'm going to go to a Lawer, a farmer, and a construction worker. Also, I'm pretty bummed that the New's Reporter isn't going to come because now I have to go to math.