Counselor's Corner

Txuj Ci HMong Language and Culture Upper Campus Sept. 2023

Nyob Zoo! Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!

I am so excited to start the year with our 6th and 7th graders!

If you ever need anything, call me at 651-744-1489, text me at 651-603-4571, or email me at

Ms. Morgan - School Counselor

Hello! My name is Morgan Schmitt-Morris (Ms. Morgan to students); I'm the school counselor! Last year, I was part time at Txuj Ci, but this year I will be here full time! I am here to support your and your students in all their academic, social-emotional, and career/college/future readiness needs.

School Counselors do...

Classroom Counseling: I teach lessons to every grade throughout the school year. Lessons are focused on bullying prevention, academic skills, career/college/future readiness, and personal learning plans.

Small Group Counseling: I offer small groups based on student need. Small group counseling benefits students who may need extra time and support developing social skills, academic skills, or coping tools. Groups typically have 3-6 members, and meet for approximately 5-8 weeks.

Individual Counseling: I provide short-term individual counseling for students who would benefit from 1:1 support.

Connecting Families with Supports They Need: I can also help connect students and families with needed supports and services in the community. Please reach out if you need assistance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. You can send me an email at or call me at 651-744-1489.

Schoology/Infinite Campus

There are two important sites to have access to in order to check your student's grades and attendance.

You can check your student’s current grades and assignments by logging on to Schoology (Directions in English, Hmong, and Karen can be found here):

You can also check final grades and attendance by logging on to Infinite Campus (

If you would ever like a paper copy or an emailed version of your student's grades, please let me know.

Scheduling Information

Important Info to Know: Your student's schedule may change in the coming weeks. With limited teachers and class options, schedules can be hard to move around. As we try to make sure our classes are balanced, a student's schedule may change. The subjects/classes they are in will NOT change, just the order.

If you have any questions about this, please contact me.

Important Attendance Information

As a school counselor, I believe in the importance of students attending school every day. Plus, we all miss our students when they are gone! When your child is absent for any reason, it impacts their academic achievement, sense of belonging in the classroom, friendships, and social skill development. We are here to partner with you and help overcome barriers of attending school. Missing just two days a month means a student misses 10% of the school year.

Please let us know when your student is gone! Call 651-744-1003 to let us know your student will miss school.

Big picture

October is Bullying Prevention Month!

This October, we will have activities/lessons planned to coincide with Bullying Prevention Month. Watch out for more information!


Monday, September 25th is a Professional Development Day for staff, so students will have NO SCHOOL.

Community Resources

Food Resources

Mental Health Resources

  • Mental Health Resource List
  • Wilder Foundation: Mental health and wellness services
  • How Right Now: Website from the CDC designed to promote resiliency and strengthen emotional well-being. Explore if you need help today!
  • Face2Face Counseling/ Groups: Face to Face provides Individual, Family and Adult Couples Counseling for ages 11-25 with or without insurance. We are providing Counseling in person at the office (Masks are required) and Online using Zoom.