Final Exam

By: Kierra Ebbett


People identify themselves through their culture, which adapts as a result of conflict and cooperation in our globalized world, influenced by geography and climate, authority, migration.



  • People are identified by the communities they were raised in
  • Communities adapt according to conflicts they have been through and cooperations they have been a part of
  • communities are affected and influenced by the geography and climate around them, as well as different authorities they might interact with and migration to and from the community


  • People identify themselves according to their communities and cultures. We can see this in many different places such as America, India, Europe and even in individual communities inside those. A big one is religion. People get into wars over religion because they say stuff like, " your religion is stupid"(not literally) and so on until there is a feud about some part of a religion and a fight breaks out that starts a war.
  • Communities adapt and change as they go through conflicts and cooperation. For example a country could organize a better army if they have been through conflicts. Or a country could gain an ally through cooperation of a treaty.
  • Communities are affected and influenced by geography and climate. (How can they not be?!) For example, in an area with a lot of trees, houses are made of wood and there is plenty of firewood. In a place with no trees, hoses are usually made of stone and they have to find other things to make fires with.

  • Communities are affected by migration. Absolutely, because migration mixes up cultures and creates more complex systems within the communities.


Real life examples

The middle east is a good example. They have many different religions and are always conflicting because of it. they also conflict over their natural resources.


If they continue the way they are going right now, I'd say that place may turn into a REALLY dangerous war zone. Or the UN will intervene and "call in an air strike".


My life

In my life, my family is like my own community (other than school, of course) and we adapt according to what happens around us. Conflicts and cooperations teach us how to interact with different authorities and communities other than our own.