Medieval Africa

Religion and Music & Dance

Traditional African Religions

1. Most Africans believed in the Igbo belief that there is only one supreme god.

2. Although many understood the Christian and Muslim beliefs, many wanted to continue practicing their own religious practices.

3. Although religious beliefs varied from place to place, many beliefs served the same purpose.

4. There were also rules for religions, such as rules for living and helping people stay in touch with their history.

5. Many Africans honored their ancestors because they believed that when relatives died they would talk to the supreme god and help solve problems while they stayed in the community as spirits.

Music & Dance

1. Music played a great part in Medieval African's lives, dancers leaped and twirled and drummers kept the rhythm.

2. In many songs, a singer would call out and then the other singers would echo.

3. To keep the beat, musical instruments such as drums, whistles, horns, flutes, and banjos were used.

4. Nearly everyone danced and it was used to remind African's of their homelands.

5. African-based music developed overtime into forms of music, such as ragtime, jazz, rock and roll, and, recently, rap.

By Tayler Sanderson