child labor

By kathyrn pycior

child labor

Kathryn Pycior-Dasari


The Impacts Of Child Labor

How would you feel if you saw your brother or sister at three years old working in child labor ? In child labor you have to work extremely hard, even children as young as three are working as hard as children who are 11. Some parents whose kids are in child labor feel forced to put them in child labor. some reasons are maybe because they don't have enough money to provide for their kids, and others because they need money to help provide their kids. But I feel we can change that.

Iqbal masih was a very brave kid who stood up for what he believed in. when Iqbal was four his father sold him to a carpet weaver for twelve dollars. He worked twelve hours a day weaving carpets. one day while he was working he decided to escape that horrible place. Iqbal was now ten, after he escaped to north america he went to schools to talk to children about the tragedy of child labor. After what seemed like success he went home to Pakistan. he was finally home and decided to go on a bike ride with his friends and was shot in the head. Iqbal had a great impacted on the world and will never be forgotten.

Kids in child labor work every day and barely get paid a penny. 168 million children worldwide are engaged in what the ILO deems hazardous work. when kids work in child labor they limit the access to education. In 2006 approximately 25 million children weren't in school. children as young as three years old are involved in child labor. And kids as old 13-15 are working as hard as the kids that are three.

So after reading this how do you feel, sad,happy,mad,surprised, or maybe even heartbroken. Don't you think child labor is unnecessary especially young children. when you're done reading this i want you to think what can “I” do to change the world and make it a better place.