The New America

The American Dream

Conglomerates, which are major corporations that include a number of smaller companies in unrelated industries such as the International Telephone and Telegraph, whose original business was communications, brought car-rental companies, insurance companies, and hotel and motel chains in the 1950's in the United States.

Franchises, which was when companies offer the similar products services in many locations in the U.S. such as McDonald's or Taco Bell. ( Franchise is also used to refer to the right, sold to an individual, to do business using the parent company's name and the system that the parent company developed around 1955.)

Popular Culture

When mass media came popular to the U.S. in the 1950's it brought the communication that reached large audiences, which developed with lighting speed. Then in 1948 the television first came widely available. Which reached 9 percent American homes by 1950 and 55 percent of homes by 1954. Overall TV was the entertainment and information marvel of the postwar years.

The Other America

City governments could not improve transportation schools, fire departments or police stations.

America Grew in Technology in the 1950's