Digital footprint

By Janeigh Bertrand

What is a digital footprint?

A digital footprint is a word used to describe the trail you leave online. Your digital footprint can effect you both positively and negatively.

what dose my digital footprint consist of? what does it imply?

  • There is one photo of myself when I was younger: I think it imply's that I wasn't thinking that it would still be on the internet years later.

  • There are also links to my social media pages, such as Facebook: this imply's that I have many social media pages and people would think that I don't have a life.

  • Another thing I have found was my profile pictures: None of which had my face. But the fact that I didn't have a photo of my face it would look like I'm obsessed with fictional characters.

what impact does/can your footprint have on your future?

What’s helpful and why?

  • A good digital footprint can help you get a job if your employer or possible employer sees positive things such as achievements you made in life.

What’s harmful and why?

  • A bad digital footprint could keep you from getting a job or it could contribute to you losing it.

What can you do to continue to improve your online identity?

  • Personally I could post more positive things and less about fictional characters.

  • I could post about achievements I've made, such as a writing achievement I made in the 8th grade.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned this semester about maintaining a positive Digital Footprint?

I've learned that a digital footprint can make or break you. It's really important to have a good digital because It could help you in the long run but it could also hurt you in the long run. Weather it could help or hurt is up to you. You have to manage what you post online. some ways I could maintain a positive digital footprint is to post more positive things online and making sure that you keep things you don't want others to see off the internet.