6-8 Years Old Emotional Development

Shim Mi Kadota

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Emotional Development

  • Independence- children of this age usually start to want more independence from their parents and the ability to make their own decisions
  • Future- at this age, they're now able to understand that they're young compared to teens and adults. They start to fantasize about what they are going to be when they grow up
  • Begins to know their place- the child begins to understand that their "job" is to go to school and to be a good son or daughter, and that soon they'll have more responsibilities
  • Morals- he or she is able to determine right from wrong and feels guilty if he/she makes a bad decision
  • Empathize with others- a child can distinguish between a person who is less fortunate and doesn't have as much and have an internal motivation to help
  • Become more conservative about how they feel- at this point, a child isn't always going to express how they feel and might not even tell you if you ask them
  • More intrapersonal- the child is able to determine their own feelings and recognize their weaknesses and strengths
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