Mrs. Baker's Class

according to Mrs. Solis

What's going on...

Math: We will be finishing our budgeting activities in conjunction with our PBL project. This will be followed with a quick check assessment over the TEK’s for this personal finance unit.

Reading: We will continue practicing our “Read Like a Third Grader” strategies. Students will work both independently and with partners to complete reading passages and questions using their newly learned strategies.

Writing: Now that we are able to create a “beefed up” lead and a “focused” title we are going to spend our time making sure that our stories are truly a small moment in our day rather than a ‘breakfast to dinner’ story. We use a an image of a watermelon to help narrow down our topic to be the size of a seed.

Science: This week the students will become astronomers. We will learn that there are recognizable patterns in the natural world and among objects in the sky. Students will

observe, describe, and record patterns of objects in the sky, including the appearance of the moon.


It’s time for our 2nd Project Based Learning adventure! We will launch our project on Monday, and spend the next 3 weeks learning how children can help children in our community. We will begin with our DRIVING QUESTION: How can we help Round Rock children in need? We will spend our first week thinking about children in Round Rock who could use a helping hand...recalling our landmarks from our first PBL. Our students will be involved in advertising, fundraising and budgeting.

Field Trip:

Our class will be going to HEB and the TBCH on Tuesday. Our buses will leave around 9:15 and return by 1:30pm.

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday April 28 - Field Trip to HEB and TBCH

Thursday April 30 - Kona Ice provided by PTA

Friday May 1 - Assembly

Wednesday May 6 - Early Release

Friday May 8 - Field Day

Friday May 15 - Assembly

Monday May 25 - Holiday, No School!

June 5 - Last Day of School