The New World Company

We Found The World For You

These world well blow you mind

we found a world for you. yes you this world is filled with lovely nature and resources hopefully you cant empty it out if you know what i mean.

What can be done here in the new world

Well one thing i can add is the resources there's a lot to take my the new world. The resources the US is big on is natural gases , oil ,and coal . The transportation is real nice you can ride horses or even find a way to make roads and so on.

How far is it?

We'll I've checked and the new world is at least 6-14 day it really depends on weather and how strong the wind is stuff like that .

The natives

What are these natives you ask well they are friendly people who don't harm unless threaten. I believe if your nice to them you'll find some very friendly people.

Warnings !!!!!

There are many different diseases here and lots of predators. The real thing to worry about is how your going to farm your food in the winter so this is a heads up.

Here's some photos. Hopefully you come