The Greatest Galilean Moon

What you should know

While researching this interesting satellite, we have set up living areas on the moon, which will be handy for overpopulation. But incidentally, to get their with a spacecraft or rocketship, since it is 628,300,000 km away, and the speed of 40,323 to break Earth's gravity, then at that speed, it would take 15582 hours to reach their. It is one of Jupiters largest moons, which is 5th planet from the sun, and is separated from Earth by Mars and the asteroid belt. But when you get their, it would be so much different and cooler than Earth, because it takes the same time for a revolution and rotation around Jupiter, 7.15 days. Plus, the scenery in the sky is great, because you are one of the 67 moons that orbit Jupiter. You could see moons all the time! Plus, no weight problems. For example, if you were 620 Newtons (science), you would only weigh 93 Newtons on Ganymede.

Living Accommodations

What to do!

With all the interesting places on , there would be so much to do. But first, you could stay at one of the many located Ice Palaces, or Ice Resorts, for the entire top layer of Ganymede is rigid ice, except for the craters and ridges. They feature Ice skating and bowling. Ice Skating rinks are everywhere on the surface, but they have the best. And the ridges with space in between? Natural Skate rinks, but it would be quite slippery. Some of the resorts are located deep under the surface, right above the vast ocean. On our one-of-a-kind wide yet deep craters are quite natural for long jumping and marathons. The moon also includes bungee jumping on the few deep craters. This may yet just be the greatest moon of them all!