Software Engineering

By: Janelle Elizabeth Rodriguez

An Average Day Of A Software Engineer

The regular time of 40-hour work, in a nice office setting is regular for computer software engineers. Some may work over the limit, sometimes during last periods when a large amount of work is coming in. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that 17% of computer software engineers work over 50 hours a week on average day to day bases.Teamwork is important for computer software engineers, who might work with a big group of people to solve problems and create new products to use. Even those who travel or communicate must really report to a team or management structure.

My Salary

The BLS reports mean daily earnings for computer reports software engineers at $87,900 in 2009. That same year, systems software engineers earned $88,780. Systems software engineers in California and Virginia had mean annual earnings over five figures, and the earnings of computer software engineers were hired by computer systems design companies.

What we do

So things we do

We could work inside and out if we have work.
A Day in The Life - Software Engineer