Benjamin Franklin 5/10/16

By, B.Than

Early life

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts, and was the 15th of the 17 children. Soon he started working at his dad's shop at the age of 10 cutting candlewicks and filling molds. Although he only went to school for 2 years he spent most of his time reading. According to " Brittanica School Edition", he later on married Deborah Read.


He started a newspaper called the Pennsylvania Gazette. As official printer for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware his most famous publication, was Poor Richard's Almanac. Other than starting the first volunteer fire department in Pennsylvania, he taught himself several different languages. According to " Brittanica School Edition, he enjoyed having a conversation with a club called' Junto " and raising money for the community. his book about children's education started the University of Pennsylvania.


He stayed up late every night, so people wanted him to go to sleep earlier. Other than that the Pennsylvania governor wanted him to manufacture his invention, the Franklin Stove, but he refused. Also He fought for freedom even though the English men were against him. he also warned Pennsylvania of the French and Indian war.


Other than inventing electricity, help draft the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, he organized the first library in America. According to " Brittanica School Edition", he persuaded the French to help in American Revolution and persuaded the English to repeal the Stamp Act.

After word

Benjamin Franklin spent his last 5 years in Philadelphia. His last duty to the world was sign a memorial to the state legislature as president of Pennsylvania society for abolishing slavery Soon he died in Philadelphia on April, 17, 1790 due to a illness called" Empyema", puss filling his lungs brought by an attack of " Pleurisy" years before. Today he has an memorial of himself in Franklin Institute, Philadelphia in honor of his important work.

Interesting facts

He invented a glass armonica a musical instrument used by Beethoven and Mozart. Also he created a phonetic alphabet to make the ABCs more natural. People admired him so much that he became France's fashion icon. He is in the international swimming hall of fame because he loved swimming, became good at it, and because his first invention were paddles the could propel you through the Charleston river.
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