Activites for your toddlers!!!

By:katie perkins

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This activity is appropriate for kids ages 2-3. I found this activity at This developmental stage in ur child is physically.The supplies u need for this activity is a sheet printed ou a cartoon or something and crayons.

Follow the leader!

Follow the leader is a fun activity and its usually in the range of kids 2 to 3 years old. I found this activity at This developmenatl stage is physical. You would need an adult to be the leader and the child would follow the leader.

Circle Dances!

Circle Dances is a really fun activity appropriate for preschoolers.This activity is found at It is a physcial and emotional activity. You would need music adn maybe instruments. Its an enjoyable activity!

Taking them to the playground!

Taking them to the playground Is for all ages but moslty preschoolers.This activity is located at This is mental, physical,and emotional devlopments for the preschoolers. You would need a responsible adult to take them to a nice playground.
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