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Jenkins faculty & staff,

Team Jenkins….Second Quarter…. coming to a close and WINNING!

Give YOURSELF a 10! As we prepare to close out our final week before departing for our winter break, take a moment to jot down at least “ten” things that you have successfully accomplished with your students, in your classroom, here at Jenkins or simply something you want to celebrate as an educator. Don’t wait until the end, celebrate the gains that you see happening everyday within yourself, your students and your overall classroom. Know your goals, know your data and most importantly…know your kids.

Reflection for the week

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  1. Jenkins STEM Design…..2016-17 School Year

A. For the 2016-17 school year; the STEM VISION is to have “Model STEM Classroom(s) *If you are currently interested in serving in the role as a “Model STEM Classroom” for the upcoming school year, please let Dr. Smith know that you are interested.

Safety and Security

Please do not prop our doors open for any reason. This is a breach against our safety security process and can create an opportunity for an intruder to enter. Practice safe habits for yourself and everyone else daily.

Teaching and Learning

  • Develop your plan
  • Use your Data to drive your instruction.
  • Know your kids
  • Avoid excuses and do something different
  • You are the expert in your classroom
  • The students depend on you to guide them.
  • Remember to FOCUS on the “RIGHT WORK”.
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Tuesday’s – Chorus, Art Club,

Wednesday's - Witzzle Pro Club, J.L.A

Thursday's - Science and Yearbook Club, J.L.A.

Friday's - Peer Leaders, Technology and Running Club

December Birthday's

Tara Tanner 12/5

Domnica Sipos 12/10

Sandra Holt 12/17

Brittany Ramsey 12/17

Cindy Sullivan 12/23

Jessica Newsome 12/27

Elsa Green 12/30

Milagros Rodriguez 12/31

Relay for Life

Join Jenkins Black Knight Relay for Life Team!

Team’s goal is $10,000!

  • Relay for Life at Gwinnett Fairgrounds on May 13th
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All day WOW sessions are back!


  • Jan. 8th - 1st- WOW
  • Jan. 11th - Kndg. - WOW
  • Jan. 12th - 5th - WOW
  • Jan. 13th-4th-WOW
  • Jan. 14th-3rd – WOW
  • Jan. 15th - 2nd-WOW

Testing Reminders

  • Remember to review the Testing Calendar that was provided to you via email by Elsie daily so that you are informed.

Please remember to transition quietly in the hallways at all times. We have several classrooms that are being interrupted from their learning and testing times as a result of hallway disruptions.

  • Holiday Shop is still open next week Monday – Wednesday.

  • WOW monies collected in the front lobby starting at 8:15 a.m. daily.

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Jenkins Black Knight Kudos Corner