Jakob Hansen

Early Days

Al Capone A.K.A. Scar face was born on January 17 1899 To Gabriel and Teresena Capone. Al was born in Brooklyn, New York. His parents had moved from Italy a few years before. At a young age Capone was a trouble maker. He slapped a teacher and was expelled despite being a promising student.
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Capone was involved an many crimes, brothels, gambling clubs, race tracks and more. He is responsible for many murders including the St Valentines Day Massacre. Capone had a rival, Bugs Moran trying to steal his bootlegging business. Capone's men tricked Moran's men and they where shot. Many people were killed. Capone got away with the crime. Capone also beat some of his own men to death with a baseball bat because he felt betrayed.
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Al Capone was sent to prison in Atlanta for tax evasion. He ran his gang and got luxuries like silk underwear. He was later moved to Alcatraz. He lost all contact to the outside world. His sentence was later reduced for good behavior.
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His Final Days

Capone had contracted Syphilis, A deadly disease. He became confused and disoriented. He slowly deteriorated in his Miami home. Capone died January 25, 1947. His wife Mae was with him until his death. Capone was just 48. Capone was buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois.
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Inside Capone's Home (Miami)