The False Prince

-By Nicole Lusnia

Hello there! I am Prince Jaron (Sage) and I am very excited that you are coming to Carthya! This is an amazing place to be! There are so many places to go! Below and above are pictures of me when I was Sage and what I look like now! Also below are somethings you should know when you come here! The things below are very popular places and things so make sure you get to know them! I think a few things that will be hard for you to adjust to is the schools and the sports.

Historical Background of Carthya!

  • We were on the verge of war with Avenia because we did not have a leader
  • Pirates attacked Prince Jaron's boat because he was on it.
  • Princess Amarinda was going to marry Darius and become a real princess but she could not find Darius.
  • Prince Jaron was missing for 4 years.

Make the Grade! Tips for Surviving School!

  • Always go to class
  • Always pay attention
  • Always get to class on time
  • Never fall asleep
  • Always do what the teacher says

Top Topics for Conversation! Tips for Which Topics can Start a Conversation!

  • Say "What do you think they are going to do to Tobias and Roden?"
  • Say "Do you think Cregan should have killed Latamer?"
  • Say "What do you think about Conner?"
  • Say "How was dinner?"
  • Say "What do you think about Prince Jaron?"

Tips for Sports Fans! What sports are popular? What teams should he/she support?

  • Jousting is very popular
  • Sword Fighting is very popular
  • Fencing is popular
  • Support the Swordfish
  • Support the Blades

“Get Into the Groove” The Hottest Groups and Songs!

  • Be Our Guest
  • A Whole New World
  • Following the Leader
  • I Just Can't Wait to be King
  • I'm Late
Beauty and the Beast-Be Our Guest HD
A Whole New World
Disney's "Peter Pan" - Following the Leader
The Lion King - I Just Can't Wait To Be King (1080p)
Alice in Wonderland: I'm Late & Down the Rabbit Hole

Local Store and Restaurants!

  • Butcher Shop is popular
  • White Castle is very popular
  • Burger King is popular
  • Farthenwood is popular

Resources for Newcomers!

  • Post Office
  • Grocery Store
  • Clothing Store
  • Blacksmith

About The Creator

I made this for an ELA Project for Mrs. Kirton & Mrs. Sones. I am in their period 1/2 class and my book I read for book club is The False Prince. For this project we had to make a brochure about if we were to move to where the main character lived and this was a welcome from the main character. This also had topics we had to talk about and say what would be popular and things like that from his/her perspective.