Fire Safety

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!. watch your cooking

When you are frying, grilling or boiling, make sure to always have an eye on it. Kitchen fires are one of the top causes of house fires. Even if you are leaving for a short time, make sure to turn the stove off.
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2. Give space to heaters

Keep heaters at least three feet from anything that is flammable. Turn off heaters when not in use and also when you are sleeping because you won't even know your house is burning.

3. Smoke outside

Obviously you shouldn't be smoking but this goes to parents. Smoking should be done outside with an ashtray.

4. Lighters and matches

Keep lighters and matches away from children and sometimes any teenagers. Make sure you put out a match completely before disposing it.

5. Inspect electrical cords

Parents should have cords checked if they are damaged in any way so that the outlet will not spark and cause a fire

6. Have a home fire escape plan

Incase you are in a situation where your house is buring, knowing you escape plan is vital. Escape plans allow you to know how you will exit the building in several ways.

7. Having your smoke alarm working

Having smoke alarms In all rooms of your house is a great way to stay safe while help arrives most likely being the fire department. Have check ups once a month and change batteries every six months.

8. camp fires/ chimney fires

If you are trying to get warm on a cold day while you are camping, myou are probably familiar with camp fires. Others may use chimney fires while they are at home but both need caution about. After your done using the fire, put it out and double check for any signs of heat that may cause a fire again. You can also just put it out for water to make sure it is completely out.
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9. Stop, Drop and Roll

when cuaght on fire do not run and also not panic. The best way to put it out is to stop, drop and roll or if you are close to water, try to pour it on the fire.

10. know your nearest fire department number

if your house was burning down, the first person you want to call are Fire Fighters. knowing your local fire department's number is important in case of an emergency.