Pride and Downfall

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No Promises in the Wind

The book "No Promises in the Wind" describes a group of three boys who run away (Josh, Howie, and Joey) in the Great Depression. Josh is actually kicked out of his house by his parents, his brother Joey refuses to let his brother go alone so he comes with. Howie is Josh's best friend ,who can play the banjo amazingly, who also comes because his life is not great either.

conflict and outcome

Man v.s. Society

This story happens in the Great Depression so jobs are hard to come by for everyone. Joshes father used to make fun of people with no jobs by saying they were lazy. Then Joshes father was laid off and he became more angry and bitter with josh.

Josh is a strong and proud high schooler who is amazing at the Piano.

Joey is a frail boy but still amazingly tough.

Howie is Joshes best friend who to me appears to live on the street he runs away with Josh.

Characters action

Josh gets tired of his fathers rage and fights with him. Then after one big fight he asks his mother if he should leave. When his mother says "I think that may be best." he leaves.
Joey decided to fallow Josh and run away with him. Josh gets a fried of Joey missing the train so they get on before it moves. After a large event Joey and Josh feel to said to eat with the nice man in there situation.
Howie decided to go with Josh and convinced Josh that Joey should come with. Howie told Josh that Joey can sing and that is how they got there first money and potatoes. Howie also gave Josh his banjo instead of jumping on the train

actions between characters

After they lose Howie it brings Josh and Joey closer. Their father is angry and depressed because he is very prideful and lost his job. Josh felt like he had to leave because he had pride in himself because he had a job and his father didn't. Josh is afried to beg because he had more pride than begging. His pride took him to the dumpsters before he began to beg.