March Newsletter

Spanish- Señora Theberge

We Found Our Inner Inventor This March

In order to wrap up our What Makes You Happy unit, Señora Theberge challenged us to create an item or an idea to promote happiness within our consumers. The item had to be relatable to the culture of the country of our choice and had to fit in one of the Happy Planet Index categories. Some groups created travel agencies in order to promote challenges in life and life purpose, another group created a T-shirt brand that had funny messages in order to lighten the spirit, and finally another group created a cafe that promoted being one with nature and catching up with sleep.

How Do We Alleviate Stress-Story Telling

This month, we practiced our story-telling skills by watching a short animation titled Jinxy Jenkins and Lucky Lou. Since the video had no sound, we had to push ourselves to explain what was happening in Spanish. This activity required us to practice conjugating in various tenses, including imperfect and subjunctive. Although it took us several class periods (and a whole lot of patience) to master the story, we eventually were able to come around and create our own transcript of the story. This process encouraged us to use what we had learned and put the new vocabulary and tenses to produce an original story.

Activities Involving Stress Relief

As new vocabulary has been added to our spanish mindset, we began to expand beyond the focus of what individuals do to enjoy life. Aiming at the idea of alleviating stress, we practiced many activities and associated those activities through many acts of entertainment. For instance, we played the song, I Feel Alive, and danced to the beat and rhythm. Alongside, we began to look abroad our individual desires and success’ at obtaining a stress free life, and focused on how others relieve their stress. Two days that were dedicated to alleviating stress was the video on helpful ways to alleviate stress. This video of the two women giving their viewers multiple steps/actions to alleviate stress, focused on what the majority do to discard stress. One example they talked about was going for a walk and practicing meditation. Meditation to many classmates does not work, but being listed as a top priority to many, indicates that it does help. All in all, not only did we learn vocabulary outside our prior learning and associated with stress, we also learned many new ways to relax and alleviate ourselves, something that is very important to many students in their junior year.