First Grade Newsletter

March 26th - March 30th

Easter Party!

When: March 29th

Where: Brock Elementary School- Big Playground (next to the Tennis Courts)

Time: 10:00 am

What to Bring: Easter Basket and 12 plastic eggs filled with individually wrapped candy, pennies, stickers, or small inexpensive toys.

Sign- Up for Party Items:

****The First Grade Teachers will be providing pizza for our students. Parents and younger siblings that plan on attending the party will need to make accommodations for lunch****

Upcoming Events!

Mar. 29th- Easter Party

Mar. 30th- Good Friday- NO SCHOOL!

Apr. 6th- End of 5th Six Weeks

Apr. 10th- 4th Grade STAAR Writing Test (No visitors on the day of STAAR Test)

Apr. 16th- Snow Day/ Student Holiday

Apr. 24th- Talent Show

Apr. 30th- May 3rd- Returning Students Registration from 9am - 2pm.

May 1st- Coronation @ 7:30pm. Brock High School Gym.

May 4th- Snow Day. NO SCHOOL

May 7th - 11th- Book Fair BOGO

May 14th- 15th- STAAR Reading and Math Test (No visitors on the day of STAAR Test)

May 22nd- Field Day

May 23rd- Senior Walk Through

May 24th- Early Release Day

May 25th- Early Release Day

May 25th- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!

This Week In First Grade...


Reading: Readers Reread to Smooth out their Voices and Show Big Feelings

Writing: Songwriters and Poets Write from the Heart.

Math: Module 14 Assessment

Word Study: Reteach closed syllables and discuss plural closed syllable words.

Science & Social Studies: Weather & Seasons


Reading: Discovering the Lessons Familiar Stories Teacher

Writing: Songwriters and Poets Write from the Heart.

Math: 2-D Shapes on 3-Dd Solids

Word Study: Vowel Teams oi & oy. Syllable hunt. Word of the day = drills

Science & Social Studies: Weather and Seasons


Reading: Readers Always Keep Life Lessons in Mind

Writing:Songwriters and Poets Write from the Heart.

Math: Attributes of 3-D Solids

Word Study: Make nonsense words. Trick words: see, between & each.

Science & Social Studies: Weather Seasons




Good Friday.... No School... HAPPY EASTER!

Fly Friday & Hat Day

Fly Friday- Fly Friday takes place every Friday morning. If students arrive before 7:40 they will need to go to the cafeteria. Students who arrive after 7:40 will go straight to the Gym for Fly Friday. All students will attend Fly Friday.

Hat Day

For $1, your child is allowed to wear a ball cap (nothing crazy please). Each 6 weeks our school donates the hat money to a charity or organization. This 6 weeks our donations will help support The Center of Hope in Weatherford, TX

Character Trait Wednesday

Wear BLUE on Wednesday!

Every 6 weeks we will talk about a different character trait. This 6 weeks our character trait is TRUSTWORTINESS.

Students that wear the color BLUE on Wednesday's will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize from the office!

The color will change every 6 weeks.

Good Friday - - - March 30th - - - No School!!!