Cullman City Schools

The Week in Review - August 23, 2019

Bearcat Football Kicks Off!

The Bearcats kicked off the 2019 season last night against Jasper. The Bearcats came up just short with a 21 - 19 loss. They will face Mortimer Jordan next week. Go Bearcats!
Bearcats on offense in Jasper
Bearcats and Vikings at the line of scrimmage

Think Like a Shark!

These EES 5th graders took a dip into the engineering process by taking a dive into "Shark Tank". The students viewed a short clip from the show that focused on the thinking involved in the engineering process.
Students watching Shark Tank

Better Together

These WES students worked in cooperative groups to solve puzzles that helped unlock the library procedures.
Students working in a group in the library

Just Your Average Day at CMS

Walk through the halls or peak in the classrooms any day and you will see hard working students and incredible teachers making CMS the best.
collage of students and teachers involved in learning activities


This sweet girl wrote a special note and shared it with Mrs. Culpepper at lunch. You can tell from the content of the note that she is all about CCPS!
Mrs. Culpepper with student and note in the lunchroom.

Integrated Technology Supports Learning

These WES students are using a program called Edgenuity to focus on specific reading skills.
students working at desks with Chromebooks open to Edgenuity

Figurative vs Literal

These EES students work on understanding the literal and figurative use of words by sorting quotes. Shown here, they are sorting quotes about "heart".
Students sorting strips of paper with "heart" quotes on them

Reading Strategy Practice

These Duck buddies at CCPS are retelling a story they just heard using the Beginning - Middle - End sequence strategy.
two students sitting, facing each other, talking

Gather 'Round the Campfire

CHS AP Language students enjoyed some time around the campfire (complete with s'mores) while completing a little campfire peer editing. Don't worry! The campfires were paper cut-outs. But the s'mores were real!!
Big picture
Big picture

Meet My Voki, Meet Me

Students in the Gifted Class at WES used a program called Voki to create characters that looked like themselves. The characters were given a script to say that was all about the student they were representing. What a great way for students to introduce themselves!
computer screen showing a Voki being created

Just Be

CMS Counselor Kristen Gragg recently posted a series of tweets about students and teachers. This was one of the best. You can find Mrs. Gragg on Twitter to view some of the other great information she has shared.
poster image stating Be the person you needed when you were younger