Beverly Hills Bulldog Bulletin

Weekly Updates and Happenings at BHES (Vol 1, Issue 22)

Beverly Hills Mission Statement: “Empowering every learner, inspiring successful futures, building a positive community.”

Week #15! December is filled with Holiday cheer and the joy it brings near!

Susan H. Wilson Learning Garden at BHES Dedication Ceremony will be on Friday, 1/29/16 at 2pm

The plan is for the Wilson family (Hubby Keith and children, possibly grandchildren) to come to BHES and we will have a ceremony at the garden (in the middle) where we talk about the purpose of the garden, the legacy of Susan, and the future of the garden harvest for the community. Anyone can attend. I prefer the fit the whole school in the garden and on the outside areas of the garden near the road and the other direction near the office. I think the whole school can fit. We will also have the microphone and speaker system set up as well. Please email Mrs. Steele if you have any questions or suggestions on how to make sure the ceremony goes well.

Welcome Emily Neldon, NEW SPEECH THERAPIST!

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Welcome Margaret Pruette, our new Kindergarten TA in Mrs. Diorio's room

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ACC Mascots at BHES

Thank you to all who came to support the wonderful event Friday featuring the Mascots of the ACC. It was awesome. A special thank you to Shelby Davis, leader of the ALC After School Tutoring Program here at BHES and all the tutors for their efforts to ensure we could benefit from this program.
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Thank you to all who donated to the United Way. We appreciate your donations.

Grants, Grants, and More Grants (APPLY TODAY!)

PRISM Awards- Deadline Dec 7 -

This award provides up to $3,000 for one year to cover the cost of equipment, materials, and supplies. An additional $1,500 may be requested for professional development related to the implementation of new equipment or use of materials in the classroom. Awards are made to teaching professionals that hold a professional educator's license to teach in a North Carolina K-12 public school.

Student Science Enrichment Program Award cycle will open in 2016- Up to $60,000 per year for up to three years for after school/out of school hands-on scientific activities for K-12.

WHAT IS STEM? Learn more below.

1. STEM Education Act of 2015 (New legislation about the components of STEM and what they should include.)

2. 2 Videos below

3. STEM is Elementary

STEM Integration in K-12 Education
Elementary STEM Classes

Announcements & Key Dates:

Tuesday, 12/8: NO Staff Meeting, REQUIRED: K/1st grade Music Holiday Performance-6pm.

Wednesday, 12/9: Check In Check Out (CICO) training for those interested (3:15pm-4:15pm)

Friday, 12/11: BHES Staff Christmas Party

Mrs. Aimy Steele, Principal

Hi, I'm Aimy Steele, the principal of Beverly Hills Elementary School. I'm so excited to be a part of the BHES family and look forward to an excellent year.

Mr. Michael Baaden, Assistant Principal of Instruction

Mr. Baaden is the Assistant Principal of Instruction at BHES. He began here at BHES last year as the 5th grade Science teacher. He has made quite an impression on the BHES community and we are delighted he is now on the Admin team. He has over 6 years experience as an Assistant Principal in New York and brings a wide variety of experiences to this role.

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